I am an Australian piano and keyboards player who has been performing since the 1960’s. Instead of listing all of the bands, shows, recordings and other musical endeavours of my career, I will let the content of this site speak for itself.

Since the Covid pandemic began, live gigs in Melbourne have evaporated. I really miss this important aspect of my life and look forward to Melbourne, one of the world’s best cities for live music, opening up again. Meanwhile, I have been working as technical producer for a high profile USA podcast, supplying original music and honing my studio skills in editing dialogue. I have also spent the time realising a backlog of compositions created over past decades, using the latest studio techniques and synthetic instruments to develop a library of commercially available production music files exclusive to this website. This has brought home to me that it takes a lot more time to program drums and other instruments than to work with live players. It’s also not as much fun. But I do enjoy playing my vintage analog synthesizers and the technology of today continues to stimulate my creativity. I look forward to playing live in bands again and having all-in sessions in the studio.